Thanksgiving time… fast and easy meals for the next day

Cacerola de Pavo

by Yvette Márquez, Vive Mejor Ambassador

After Thanksgiving, the last thing anyone wants to do is put together another big dinner. The fridge is bursting with delicious leftovers – a perfect excuse to make an easy Thanksgiving Leftover Turkey Casserole using Hellmann's® and Best Foods®.  

Growing up, my mom used to make TV trays with all the leftovers and freeze them. The day after Thanksgiving was always a delicious treat. After our individual aluminum TV dinners baked in the oven we enjoyed eating them while we watched TV.

As a mother I am usually all about eating at the dinner table, but make an exception for the day after Thanksgiving, just like my mom did. Rather than separating all the ingredients into compartmentalized TV trays this meal is hassle-free and turned into a casserole.

My Thanksgiving dinners always included chile such as roasted green chile salsa and rajas con queso giving my Thanksgiving a Mexican twist. I have continued the tradition and my freezer is stocked with roasted green chile. I included chopped green chile to our casserole. If you like the addition of spice, but your kids don’t, try making two small casseroles – one with chile and one without.

Yvette Marquez

This casserole can even be assembled on Thanksgiving Day as you are putting away all your leftovers. Then, on the day after Thanksgiving all you have to do is pull it out of your fridge and bake.

This casserole is made with leftover chopped turkey, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, mozzarella cheese, mayonnaise, and stuffing. The stuffing on the top layer gives this casserole a beautiful toasted breaded topping, the cranberries give this dish a slight sweet flavor, the turkey and mashed potatoes are the comforting ingredients that make Thanksgiving so special, and the mayonnaise and cheese in this casserole gives this dish a creaminess melding all the flavors together. Hellmann's® and Best Foods® is made with real simple ingredients and uses 100% cage free eggs. It’s the secret ingredient adding a delicious and rich flavor to the dish.

It’s Thanksgiving, all in one bite! This hearty, rich-tasting main dish is sure to be a hit with your family. This baked casserole can be enjoyed with a hot cup of Lipton® tea, as you sit on the couch, watching your favorite holiday movie with your family.