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From main dish to dessert, Unilever along with their Sustainable Living Plan show you how to make quick, easy recipes and balanced meals

Both in and out of the kitchen, Unilever’s Sustainable Living Plan seeks to improve nutrition and health overall, making Unilever food brands and the recipes in which they use their products, delicious, nutritious, and sustainable.

Here are some meal, beverage, and dessert recommendations from four of our favorite brands that you will love. Try them today!

Knorr®: Garden Market Chicken

Knorr®: Garden Market Chicken

One of the best things about the Garden Market Chicken recipe is that it uses Knorr® Sides, making the recipe easy to prepare. With this product line, you can make a balanced meal for your whole family in no time.

Also, because Knorr® focuses on the sustainable sourcing of all its products, this chicken recipe fits perfectly with Unilever’s objective of reducing environmental impact.

Knorr® chefs are proud to use high quality ingredients and sustainable sources. Knorr’s® Landmark Farm program was designed to ensure that suppliers are leaders in the sustainable agriculture industry by reducing water and energy consumption, minimizing fertilizer usage, and optimizing renewable resources.

Hellmann’s® or Best Foods®: Perfectly Crispy Grilled Cheese Strangewich

Hellmann’s® y Best Foods®: Perfectly Crispy Grilled Cheese Strangewich

Unilever’s Sustainable Living Plan is committed to generally improving nutrition without sacrificing taste.

That’s why this Perfectly Crispy Grilled Cheese Strangewich is a great example of how, with a few simple adjustments, like switching butter for Hellmann's® or Best Foods® Real Mayonnaise, you can get a delicious and good-for-you meal. Why? Well, Hellmann's® or Best Foods® Real Mayonnaise is as easy to spread as butter and your bread stays just as crunchy.

Also, Hellmann's® or Best Foods® Real Mayonnaise can be a part of a balanced diet because it’s made with vegetable oils, polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats, the same kind found in olive oil and avocados.

Hellmann's® or Best Foods® are a great example of the importance of Unilever’s commitment to reducing environmental impact. They are committed to using quality ingredients that come from trustworthy American farms, along with oils from sustainable sources, and cage-free eggs.

Lipton®: Delicious tea your way

Lipton®: Delicious tea your way

Every delicious meal needs an equally delicious beverage. Lipton® Iced Teas go perfectly with any meal because they’re refreshing and come in a variety of flavors, from fresh Mint to Mandarin Orange, your choice! And as if this weren’t enough, you can also try Lipton® Unsweetened Iced Teas, refreshing, delicious and calorie-free.

But the best thing of all? Lipton® and Unilever products offer more than delicious flavors. Because an important part of our general business plan is reducing environmental impact, all Lipton® teas sold in the U.S.A. are 100% sustainable.

Lipton®: Delicious tea your way

  1. Fill half a pitcher with boiling water and add 3-4 tea bags for 3 minutes. Fill the rest of the pitcher with ice and enjoy!
  2. Give your favorite Lipton® Iced Tea a tropical twist by adding fresh fruit slices, like oranges, peaches, kiwis, or pineapples. Let the fruit steep for a while before drinking.
  3. Make a pitcher of your favorite Lipton® tea and add lemon juice. In just minutes you’ll have a refreshing iced tea, perfect-for-summer, tea.

Breyers® Vanilla: Pure vanilla for pure ice cream taste

Breyers® Vanilla: Pure vanilla for pure ice cream taste

When you try any ice cream from the Breyers® Vanilla line, don’t be surprised to see many little black specks mixed in with the ice cream. These specks are real vanilla beans that have travelled far, all the way from the island of Madagascar – off the coast of southeast Africa – to end up in your bowl.

Breyers® also directly invests in communities that make this delicious vanilla ice cream possible by supporting primary schools in Madagascar through subsidies, and by providing access to health insurance for vanilla farmers and they’re families.

Ice cream with great taste for a great lifestyle

Even though vanilla ice cream is a delicious treat, it can also be part of a balanced diet and lifestyle. For example, you can sprinkle fresh fruit and nuts over your favorite ice cream: good for you and delicious.

For example, try a Piña Colada Split. This dessert is fresh, easy to make and you can have it ready in only 5 minutes.

Also, Breyers® Natural Vanilla is prepared with simple, high quality ingredients. And it’s precisely these ingredients, like cream, sugar, milk, and vanilla that have made and continue to make Breyers® the preferred ice cream for over 150 years.

Flavor and sustainability

For Breyers® flavor is key, but the fact that the vanilla used is sustainable and certified by the Rainforest Alliance is also important. This helps us ensure that our plants and land can continue to be cultivated by the next generations.

Next time you enjoy a scoop of Breyers® Natural Vanilla ice cream, you’ll know where its delicious taste comes from and the impact that its production has on the environment and on the farmers that cultivate that vanilla.