Last-Minute Party? Turkey Sandwiches to the Rescue!

Receta para unos deliciosos sándwiches de pavo

One easy recipe for turkey sandwiches and 3 tips to make sure they’re amazing

Has your better half ever suddenly been struck by the festive spirit and invited all his co-workers over for an impromptu end-of year celebration dinner? Of course, he probably forgot one detail: to give you advance notice. However, like any good Latina, you take it in stride because you know that there’s always a solution and you can work wonders with some turkey and bread. Here’s a great recipe for turkey sandwiches and three tips to make sure they turn out amazing.

Turkey, the key ingredient

Cutting the baked turkey

The key to preparing a mouth-watering turkey sandwich is well-seasoned, savory turkey meat. That’s why Thanksgiving dinner leftovers work perfectly. Slice the leftover turkey as thinly as possible so the sandwich won’t fall apart while you arrange the rest of the ingredients.


Best condiments for turkey sandwiches

Spreading the bread to prepare the turkey sandwich

We know that turkey meat tends to be on the dry side. Keep it moist by spreading some tasty Hellmmann’s® o Best Foods® Real Mayonnaise on the bread and then complete the sandwich by adding a bit of stuffing, cranberry sauce, and some crispy red apple slices.

The best companion for turkey sandwiches… a cold drink

Sangria Recipe

All turkey sandwiches taste better with a cold drink in hand. Prepare a festive, non- alcoholic sangria with Lipton® Lemon Flavor Iced Tea Mix. It has a fresh and fruity taste everyone will enjoy.

Gisele Blondet termina la receta de sándwich de pavo.

Knowing your food will be a hit will make you feel relaxed and ready to welcome a houseful of guests. And If you’re still wondering how to make delicious, last-minute turkey sandwiches, watch this step-by-step video with Giselle Blondet.