Men’s style secrets from 4 bloggers that will keep you Insta-Ready 24/7

Tips de estilo de hombre para verte de lo mejor las 24 horas

Because your style should be Instagram-worthy, even when no one’s taking a pic

When someone posts a “bad” photo on Instagram they’re either being very brave, or pretty clueless. But not you, you know perfectly well when to edit, upload or delete. And even though we could all benefit from it, in real life there aren’t any filters following you around to keep you looking sharp. Your best bet is to find your most favorable style and maintain it throughout the day. How? With these men’s style and personal care tips from 4 popular Latino bloggers. They know what they’re talking about when it comes to skincare, hairstyle and fashion. With their advice, you’ll be Insta-ready 24/7.

Skincare essentials according to @Glamdapper

Winston Javier

Bloguero de moda NYC

WHAT TO DO: skincare isn’t defined by gender, so as men, we also have to protect our skin from elements like the sun and cold weather. It’s important to be aware of these things, and to use products that are made specifically for us. Begin your skincare regimen by showering with a body wash that helps you feel clean, fresh and rejuvenated, like Axe Black Chill. Then, use a good lotion to moisturize your elbows, knees and face. This step is just as important to modern Latino style as having the latest kicks and a look that’s #100PorCientoTu. Finally, seal the deal with an antiperspirant like Axe Adrenaline 48Hr Charge Up Protection Antiperspirant Dry Spray that has a sharp, icy fresh fragrance to kick-start your day.


Axe Black Chill
Axe Black Chill
Axe Adrenaline Dry Spray
Axe Adrenaline Dry Spray
Axe Antiperspirant Deodorant Stick

Hair essentials according to @dandyinthebronx

Diego Leon

Bloguero de moda
The Bronx NY

WHAT TO DO: you can’t get the hairstyle you want without a good wash first. If you keep your hair moisturized, it’s that much easier to get your hairstyle just right. I use a product like Axe Max Hydrate 2-n-1 Shampoo + Conditioner to wash my hair and keep it hydrated. Once out of the shower, if you’re trying to get a straight and sleek look for your hair, dry it first, then use a product that will leave it looking the way you like it. I get that with Axe Smooth Look Shine Pomade, it has the right amount of shine for a cool, sophisticated look.

Extra men’s style tip: after applying the pomade, use your hair dryer’s cool setting to set your hair nice and good.


Hydrate Shampoo + Acondicionador
Axe Max Hydrate Shampoo + Acondicionador 2 en 1
Axe Look Liso Shine Pomade
Axe Look Liso Shine Pomade

Fashion essentials according to @Gusjournalist

Gustavo Gutierrez

Periodista de Multi Medios
Los Angeles

WHAT TO DO: my number one rule is to always dress for the occasion. If you’re running errands, put on something comfortable. If you’re going to work out, wear something that lets your body breathe. And if you’re going on a date, dress like it’s your first date, down to wearing the fragrance she likes. Remember that your scent is your personal trademark, it’s what makes you unique. Personally, I like to coordinate my fragrance with my deodorant. My favorite combo is Axe Black Daily Fragrance and Axe Black Deodorant. The fragrance keeps me smelling fresh and the deodorant keeps me protected against sweat and odor. Plus, they both come in bottles that are as sleek as my style.


Axe Black Daily Fragrance
Axe Black Chill
Axe Black Deodorant
Axe Adrenaline Dry Spray

More men’s style tips from @Manchic

Jorge Gallegos

Consultor de Redes Sociales y Moda

My secret to having a foolproof men’s style is a mix of what suits me and what makes me feel good. When you find the perfect balance between what’s trendy and your own personal aesthetic, that’s when you really shine. My advice is: be true to yourself and you’ll always look your best!

With these men’s style tips, you’re ready for whatever comes, 24/7. Looking for more advice? Check out our men’s section now.