Latino Lifestyle: Find the Protection Against Sweat and Odor that’s Best for You

Pareja abrazados en la cocina

Choose a deodorant or antiperspirant that’s right for your Latino lifestyle, whether on a day out with the kids in your family or playing a round of soccer with friends.

If there’s something that we all have in common, it’s that we love spending time with family and friends. The Latino lifestyle is social by nature. You could be the type that prefers making dinner for your date, or hanging out with the little ones in the family, or playing a weekly soccer match with your friends. Whatever your lifestyle, you’ll need the right Degree® deodorant or antiperspirant to keep you feeling fresh. Find out which product goes best with your Latino lifestyle and with whatever activity you have planned for the day.


If you’re . . . the coolest uncle, ever

You never miss a Saturday night out with your friends, but weekend mornings are reserved for the little ones in your family. You love taking them to sports practice, teaching them new skateboard tricks, or treating them to their favorite ice cream. And for those moments you share, you not only want to stay fresh, you also want to set a good personal care example by smelling awesome. After all, you’re their hero. So use Degree® Extra Fresh Adventure deodorant stick, which protects you from underarm odor and leaves you ready for a day with the kids.

If you’re . . . the kitchen master

Guys like you go beyond the grill. You love playing with ingredients and flavors, and your kitchen creations win you oohs and ahhs from your girlfriend and friends. There’s no reason why the kitchen’s humidity and heat should interfere with your style. Use Degree® Adventure Dry Spray, made with MOTIONSENSE technology designed to respond directly to your body movement for extra protection when you move. Now the only perceivable smell as you sit down to eat will be coming from your delicious meal creations.

If you’re . . . the salsa and bachata aficionado

You’ve got rhythm and the moves to prove it at least once a week at the salsa and bachata club. But take this advice: let your sweet moves leave a mark on the dance floor, not your sweaty shirt. So for your rhythm-fueled Latino lifestyle use Degree® Clinical Protection Clean antiperspirant. It provides wetness protection, reducing sweat up to three times as much as a basic antiperspirant¹ . Plus, it has a citrusy scent.

If you’re . . . a soccer fanatic

A friendly match with friends at least three days a week? Sí señor! But you know very well that every time you step on to the field you unleash your inner warrior and give the game everything you’ve got. So for you, a person who keeps a high activity level on and off the field, try Degree® Adventure with MOTIONSENSE. This antiperspirant releases bursts of freshness whenever you move, and has a woody fragrance to help you feel fresh and ready to celebrate your big win with a post-game carne asada.

So you see, it doesn’t matter what type of Latino lifestyle you have, with these tips you can enjoy it while feeling dry and protected. Looking for more? Explore our section for men.

[Disclaimer]: ¹Basic antiperspirant: antiperspirant having the minimum wetness protection required by the FDA.