Try these Healthy Vegetable Recipes

Cocinar con verduras

Discover the many different (and easy!) ways you can include vegetables in your diet with these recipes

We all know it: vegetables are good for you. But many of us don’t have a steady stream of varied or unique vegetable recipes. But we have some ideas that will inspire a thousand and one different ways to eat vegetables, one more delicious than the next.

Vegetables in soups and shakes…
Think beyond your typical vegetable soup and prepare Ancho Chili Beef & Vegetable Soup. It’s a complete meal, that also has Knorr® Beef Flavor Bouillon, a taste your family already loves. After this meal, you’ll never want to go back to traditional vegetable soup.

Another way to get your veggies in is to drink them instead of eat them. Gather up a variety of seasonal vegetables and blend them with your favorite fruits. One delicious combination is carrots, celery and orange. Mix them all together, bottoms up and enjoy!

Vegetables as a side dish…
Instead of the usual beans and rice, serve up chicken or steak with a side of delicious vegetables. For example, add Country Crock® Original to your vegetables and make a Mixed Vegetable Sauté or Roasted Cauliflower. These two vegetable recipes are super easy to make and they’re also super tasty.

Vegetables for snack time…
Instead of serving animal crackers or fruit bars at snack time, don’t say a word and just put this Roasted Eggplant Dip on the table. Serve it with sliced up carrots and celery, or with a side of whole grain crackers; they’ll love it! Extra tip : if you’re away from home, take a bag of cut-up vegetables for snacking. They’re easy to eat and they give you an excellent dose of energy at any time of the day.