All about sweat: the good, the inevitable, and the essential

Aprende todo sobre el sudor

Find out what product works best to control sweat, why sweating is good, and what makes you sweat more than usual

Sweating is natural, it happens to everyone. You know, you play soccer or softball with your buddies and you end up drenched. This is a given, but do you know when to use deodorant vs. antiperspirant or that sweat is actually good for your body? Find out more about this and about sweat and reduce wetness starting today.

Deodorant vs. antiperspirant – they’re not the same

Fact: An antiperspirant decreases sweat production. A deodorant masks body odor but doesn’t prevent perspiration. An antiperspirant deodorant though, is a product that not only helps control sweat, but also mask odor.

The science behind it: In an antiperspirant, aluminum salts (active ingredient found in antiperspirants) dissolve due to moisture on the skin’s surface. This forms a gel that sets on the sweat glands temporally and reduces the amount of sweat released.

What to do: If you want to control sweat, your best option is to use an antiperspirant like Degree® Adventure Dry Spray with MOTIONSENSE . Its active ingredients are deposited in the underarm as an invisible, dry-feeling powder. When we sweat, this solid dissolves to fill sweat ducts for 48-hour wetness protection. Plus, it has a rugged woodsy scent, blending citrus with wood and musk – just how a Latino like you likes it.

Sweating is odorless – natural bacteria isn’t

Fact: Sweat is clear and odorless. The bad odor comes from the inoffensive bacteria that live naturally on our skin and feed-off of your sweat.

The science behind it: The smell that we call ‘body odor’ is actually caused by bacteria breaking down protein and oils releasing odor.

What to do: Other than what your mom taught you when you were young, like showering daily and always wearing clean clothes to look good, choosing the right deodorant is crucial when it comes to controlling sweat and bad odor. Degree® Clinical Protection Extreme Fresh provides protection and a nice scent. It’s powered with MOTIONSENSE technology that reacts directly to movement. The more you move, the more it protects you.


Your emotions and sweat – they’re related

Fact: You know you sweat when it’s hot outside or your workout, but stress or anxiety can cause sweating as well.

The science behind it: lSweat glands, which eliminate sweat from the body, are put into motion when we’re under any type of stress. Also, when stressed, your heart rate increases and makes you perspire even more. And as if this wasn’t enough, sweating caused by stress tends to smell stronger because this type of sweat has nutrients that are more attractive to the bad odor causing bacteria.

What to do: Always use an antiperspirant like Degree® Adventure Dry Spray with MOTIONSENSE that goes on instantly dry for a cleaner feel. To ease tension, try new things. Connect with your roots and sign up for a folk or salsa dance class. You never know, other than relaxing, you might discover a hidden talent.

Sweat is good – your body needs it

Fact: Most Latinos love the heat, beach, and the outdoors, but most of the time sweating makes us uncomfortable. Well, that shouldn’t be the case, because sweating is essential for your body to work properly. Why? You sweat to control your body temperature.

The science behind it: Your brain sends signals to three million (yes, three million!) glands in your body to release sweat, which is made up of water, salts, and proteins that evaporate through your skin.

What to do: When you start to feel sweat dripping down your body, relax. We know you like to look good all day, but sweating is a natural and necessary process.