Have bad armpit smell? Not your problem with these tips

Tips para combatir el mal olor en las axilas

From what antiperspirant to use to what to eat, control bad armpit smell once and for all with these tips

Your schedule is always full, so you like to be on top of your game. Between work, those presentations and meetings, and going out with friends, you never stop. Looking sharp is your mantra, so bad armpit smell has no place within your daily concerns. With these tips you can control bad armpit smell 24/7.

Choose and use your antiperspirant well.

When it comes to getting bad armpit smell under control, the antiperspirant you choose is key. That’s why you need a product that protects you throughout your work day and while shooting hoops with the guys. Degree® Adventure Dry Spray is made with MOTIONSENSE technology and has active ingredients that help eliminate bad odor producing bacteria in the armpits. How do you apply it? Shake it well before each use. Hold the can upright and 6 inches away from your underarm. This dry spray antiperspirant contains no water or alcohol, which can leave a wet feeling residue. Nor does it contain wax, which can leave a waxy resiude. It goes on instantly dry, so you won’t have to wait long to put on clothes.


Pay attention to the materials in your clothes.

It seems like a small detail without much importance, but it’s actually a major factor given that the materials in your clothes might accentuate bad armpit smell. Clothes with natural fibers like cotton or linen are the safest bets because they will allow your skin to breathe and won’t accumulate the bad smell. The same rule applies when you’re doing sports or go out for a run. One simple cotton shirt can take you far and help you control body odor.

Watch what you eat.

We’re Latinos and we love to eat food with lots of flavor. A steak has to have onions or chimichurri, tacos with chili peppers, and a salsa without garlic is not a salsa. Well guess what? What you eat affects your body odor. So if you want to keep bad armpit smell in check, watch what goes into your mouth. We’re not saying you need to completely eliminate condiments or spices, but moderation will do your body good.

watch what you eat for armpit smell

Take it easy with stress.

We know your days go at 100 miles per hour, but what if we told you that stress stimulates your apocrine sweat glands. What are those? These glands cause bad body odor, so that’s why when you have important meetings and feel nervous you have a higher chance of smelling bad. To relax and control bad armpit smell, aside from the previous tips, try yoga or meditation. We know, soccer is your passion, but give these routines a chance and you’ll see how they can help.

stress and armpit smell

With these tips, you’re ready to face whatever the day brings without the fear of smelling badly. You want more? Check out our men’s section today.