Why your Latino gentleman side makes you unique for the ladies

Cómo tu lado caballero te hace único con las chicas

Discover the 5 things that make you a special gentleman who’s different from the rest

It’s as clear as water. The passionate Latin lover is just a movie character based on outdated stereotypes. But you instead are a true Latino gentleman, full of qualities that make you unique and that you may not even be aware of. That’s why we’re telling you. Because it’s about time you start embracing and showing them. BTW, the ladies will thank you.

You can be a gentleman and a macho (and it’s ok).

We could say you have a bit of a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde personality. Say what?! Yes. To you, things like opening doors and letting her pass first, and waiting for her to sit down before you do, aren’t old-fashioned details. You do that stuff every day with her, her friends, and even her mom. But when it’s go time, you let your wild side come out and you turn into that protective, solid macho that she loves.

A gentleman and a guy’s guy

You’re hard working and love spending time with your family.

As Latinos, we heard from our fathers that “the price of success is hard work”. For us, working is worthy and makes us stronger and more of a gentlemen. And don’t even get started on family, it’s our base and what’s most important. Mothers are sacred, and grandma even more. So when a woman asks you about your relationship with your mother, don’t be scared to tell her she’s your best friend. It’s not weird, you’re Latino.

You are hard-working and a family guy

You care for your look and always wear a fragrance that drives them crazy.

If there’s something we learned from a young age is to always be presentable. And now that you’re older, you’re proof that you learned well. You can’t leave the house without taking a shower, fixing your hair, applying moisturizer, and using a deodorant like Axe Adrenaline Antiperspirant Dry Spray or Axe Adrenaline Antiperspirant Stick, which provides sweat and odor protection for 48 hours and has a super fresh scent so that you can make an impression. Because there’s no one else like you.


You’re not scared of calling her ‘my girlfriend.’

If she’s the woman who gives you sleepless nights, you don’t beat around the bush, she’s your girlfriend. That’s what you tell her, your friends, and your family. Because treating her with the respect that she deserves is how you were brought up. You always saw it at home; your sisters were daddy’s ‘princesses’ but mom was and will always be his ‘queen.’ And that’s exactly what she is to you, so you give her the place that she deserves.

You call her your girl

Don’t be scared to show your feelings.

It’s simple; you’re a gentleman, a man’s man. And because of that, you can show your feelings and sensitivity without shame and without losing an ounce of masculinity. Your duality doesn’t make you seem confusing, it makes you more attractive and its part of your Latino charm. Own it!

You are affectionate