Men’s style: get a cool look for that family partay

El mejor estilo para hombres cuando estás de fiesta

Discover how your fragrance, hairdo, clothes and accessories help you create your best style

For Latinos el party with the fam is classic, because we rarely need an excuse to get together. And as time goes on, this does not change. But what has changed, and a lot, is your style. It’s been through many moons of fashion until it finally reached that look that has your seal of approval on it. So it doesn’t matter what men’s style you have, with these tips you’ll make the most out of it and look cool at every family gathering.

Nice fragrance, without over doing it

Do you remember your grandpa and that nice, fresh, subtle aroma he always had? Guess what? You can follow his example with just one product. Axe Adrenaline Antiperspirant Dry Spray gives you a super fresh iced mint and spicy ginger aroma that won’t make others uncomfortable, plus it protects you from bad odor for up to 48 hours. If you prefer your deodorant antiperspirant in a stick, try Axe Adrenaline Antiperspirant Stick. You will be the stud that smells nice in your family now.

Hipster or surfer, the key is to look neat

We know that you’ve visited your aunt about 500 times, but that is no excuse to show up with wrinkled and messy clothes. For Latinos, image is super important, and looking good, no matter what your style, is key. So the basic men’s style rules are: clean clothes (always) and ironed above anything else. Remember that you don’t have to impress your family, but just look presentable. And when in doubt about what to wear, choose something simple: neutral trousers with a light jean shirt or a classic black and white won’t fail.

How to show off a neat style

Hair well groomed your way

It doesn’t matter how you wear your hair, whether long or short, it should always be well styled. These days long hair is not just for girls. For a long time now, guys and girls wear long waves or buns just the same. So if your hair is long, wash it as usual with Axe Max Hydrate 2-IN-1 Shampoo + Conditioner and style it with a man bun. If your hair is short, dedicate time to it just as well, and style it with a product like Axe Styling Clean Cut Look Classic Pomade. Remember not to over do it with these products, the important thing is to shape and style your hair into place while avoiding the stiff hair look.

Get a cool hairstyle

Accessories, be original

What you war on your head or feet and help show your personality. You can have a super relaxed look but when you combine it with metallic colored sports shoes, you’ll give your outfit a cool air without trying too hard. If sombreros are your thing, you have a lot of options. When choosing a hat, your first filter should be the time of year, because you definitely won’t be wearing a Panama hat in the middle of the fall. Your second filter is your style. Wear a hat that goes with your style so it won’t clash. Last, a nice belt and watch are the touches that complete your impeccable look.

Add a spark to your look with unique accessories