Kid-friendly dinners that they’ll love

Kid-friendly dinners that they’ll love

4 kid-friendly dinners that practically guarantee an empty plate every time

You sit down to dinner and instead of hearing an appreciative “thank you,” you hear, “ugh, [insert name of dish] again?” If you’re cooking everyday it’s easy to make the same standby meals over and over again. But, today we share four kid-friendly dinners that will get you out of the rut and bring fun back to the table. So when you say “finish everything on your plate,” these kid-friendly dinners will practically guarantee that they’ll do so with a huge smile.

Dessert for dinner

Don’t freak out, we’re not saying you should feed your kids chocolate cake. But, you can certainly give the impression that you’re giving them something just as decadent. We’ll explain: Fruttare® mango bars are made with real fruit, but they’re way more than just a frozen treat. They’re a super fun meal for the little ones. Tell them that they’ll be eating dessert for dinner, and then put a variety of toppings on the table. Have them pick different toppings to go along with their mango bars, like raisins, honey, granola, shaved coconut, yogurt, etc. These are all good options, but keep that a secret!

Fruttare® de Mango

The star ingredient

Another fun, kid-friendly dinner idea is that everyone can decide on an ingredient that will be used for at least three dishes. For example, if they choose broccoli you can make broccoli with dressing, broccoli soup and, finally, pasta with cheese and broccoli. All ingredients are fair game, even chocolate! (Remember, semisweet chocolate is rich in antioxidants and one of the ingredients used to make mole, a classic Mexican sauce.)

Dare to go crazy . . . with combinations

Fun food is also daring food. Tell your children they have to try a really weird food combination: ketchup on rice, spaghetti with mustard, or maybe even Hellmann’s® Real mayonnaise on beans. Why not? The creations they come up with aren’t as important as the fun your family will have at the dinner table. You may just even discover a combo that turns into a family favorite.

Food as art

Let your family arrange food on their plate as creatively as possible. They can make a tower out of mashed potatoes, arrange their vegetables in the shape of their favorite landscape or paint orange brush strokes with Fruttare® Mango bars. Anything goes! At the end, the little wooden stick can be part of the artwork. Don’t forget to vote for the winning plate!