Get your Tailgate Party on, Soccer Style

Personas festejando fuera del estadio de fútbol

Everything you need to bring to the tailgate party before the game

It’s finally here, the soccer game you’ve been looking forward to all week! Your team is playing and you’re ready to cheer them on. And like a true fan, you can’t wait to get to the stadium with your family and friends for the tailgate party. But in order to get your pre-game tailgate party on, there’s a list of essentials you have to bring. Here’s the list: 

Music (the kind your friends know by heart). Have a playlist of all your favorite songs ready and play them through portable speakers. You’ll want everyone to sing at the top of their lungs. Music puts everyone in a good mood and is a great warm-up for those passionate soccer chants during the game, not to mention for yelling out “goooaaal!”.

Chairs, tables and a canopy. Make your friends and family feels right at home. Bring a folding table for food and drinks, comfortable chairs, and a canopy that’s large enough to protect everyone from the sun and heat.

Soccer ball. There’s no game without a ball. So make sure you have yours handy to show everyone how you handle the ball like a pro. You can also practice passes with your friends and family for an extra fun and exciting tailgate party.

Kites. If there are kids in your group, you can’t forget kites. Kites are super fun entertainment for the kids, plus they help mark your location to make it easier for late-comers who want to join the pre-game celebration to spot you.

That’s it! You’ve got a complete fun kit to help you enjoy the game, no matter how intense. Of course, during those tense moments, protect yourself with a good antiperspirant like Degree® Adventure Dry Spray which gives you 48-hour wetness and odor protection.