Spontaneous family gathering? Don’t worry, you’ve got this

Mujer cocinando para una reunion familiar

What you need to do and how to pull off a great family gathering

Improvised Latino family gatherings are inevitable; they’re part of our culture. And given that friends are also family, the chances for spontaneous get-togethers are higher. Here are four tips to get you ready for when the party comes knocking on your front door. 

1. Have extra drinks on hand
Every time you have guests over, you can almost hear your mom in the back of your head saying: “offer them a drink.” And you can’t just offer water. Be a great host and go with iced tea. You can just keep it in your pantry for whenever it’s needed. Plus, there’s a flavor for everyone. For instance, for a refreshing drink, go with Lipton® Diet Lemon Iced Tea Mix. And for something warm and comforting, Lipton® Soothe K-Cup® Green Tea is the perfect choice.

2. Keep a full pantry
To make things easier, always keep a special spot in your pantry specifically for foods you can serve at family gatherings. We’re talking about chips, beans, cheeses, salsas, and anything quick that will save you from a bind. So when your friends or cousins drop in unannounced, you’ll have something delicious to serve on the table.    

Lipton Diet Lemon Iced Tea Mix

3. Cook more food than you need
Remember when you used to go over to abuelita’s house and she would always cook a lot of delicious casseroles, pozole, or enchiladas that she had to freeze for later? Take a page from her book and always cook extra food for family gatherings. There will always be someone who’ll eat leftovers later when hungry and you won’t have to cook again. All you have to do is reheat it. As mom, abuelita, tía, and everyone else always said, “mejor que sobre a que falte.”   

4. Make a disposable utensils kit
Buy disposable napkins, plates, cups, and cutlery beforehand and put them into a bag, basket, or any practical container. This way, when the spontaneous family gathering spurs, you’ll have everything in one place and won’t have to scurry around the kitchen looking for everything. And, most importantly, you won’t have to wash anything at the end, yay!