Environmentally Friendly Tips that Will Keep you Looking Fresh

Un hombre bañándose

Put in your two cents to help the environment without losing your style

We know. You’re one of those guys who can’t leave the house if you don’t look exactly right. But luckily, there’s much more to you than having the perfect hairstyle, like taking care of the environment. So we have some environmentally friendly tips that will help you take care of the planet without having to sacrifice an ounce of your cool personal style.

To take care and conserve water
• Take showers that last 10 minutes or less. With the right products, you’ll have plenty of time to get clean (check out the next tip).
• Turn the water off while you wash your hair with Axe Max Hydrate 2-In-I Shampoo + Conditioner and lather your body up with Axe Anarchy Bath Gel. You can conserve water by doing these two things at the same time; you can even shave while you’re at it too.

Additional tip for your look: When stepping out of the shower remember to use your Axe Adrenaline Dry Spray Antiperspirant. The scent rounds out your style and helps protect you for up to 48 hours.

To conserve energy
• Shower with warm or lukewarm water. Just by lowering the water’s temperature you’ll be saving energy and electricity. And the upside is that you’ll keep your skin from drying out.
• Use cold water when tending to other aspects of your personal care. The truth is you don’t need hot water to wash your hands or brush your teeth, especially in the summer or if you live in a part of the country that’s always hot.

That’s it. With these small changes in your personal care routine, you can keep your pristine look and protect the environment at the same time. Now, check out more style tips for men.