Organizing the New Year party? These are the traditions you must include

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Grapes, suitcases, and other traditions that’ll give your New Year party a dose of fun

Just like you can’t leave out Knorr®’s latino flavor from your New Year party meal, you also can’t miss out on a few traditions. In Latin America, every New Year party has its own particular customs. From eating 12 grapes to carrying a broom, these traditions allegedly bring the best for the start of the new year. Try them out with your friends; you have nothing to lose and you’ll surely have fun.

12 grapes, 12 lucky months
After enjoying all the great food from your New Year party leave space for 12 grapes, each representing a month in the year. Eat one grape for every month and make a wish for each. It’s not a guarantee that your wishes will come true, but it’s fun to see who finishes the grapes first.

Lentils for wealth
In countries like Chile, eating lentils is a typical tradition that helps bring prosperity in the new year. ‘Creer o reventar,’ believe it or not, as abuela would say. Either way, this tradition is delicious for sure.

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Run with suitcases
Do you want to travel more this new year? Ok, do this. In Mexico and other Central American countries it’s almost mandatory to run around the dinner table or your neighborhood carrying suitcases when the clock strikes 12. Sounds crazy, but it’s fun.

Sweep away the negativity
If you believe you can attract positive energy in your life, this tradition has your name written all over it. What is it? Simply sweeping the house. This ritual is symbolic of brushing the negativity away from your home and using the cleanliness to attract all things positive in the new year.

Step into the house with the right foot
Has anyone ever told you to “start off on the right foot” whenever you are about to do something new? Well, this is very similar. One New Year party tradition, in many Latin American countries is to step out of the spot you were in at midnight. Then, with the right foot first, go back to your original spot. It’s that simple.

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