Marcos “Reggae” Smith Men’s Hair

Marcos “Reggae” Smith Men’s Hair

The Pompadour

The "Pompadour"

This hairstyle that was originally named after Madame de Pompadour, King Louis XV mistress, but was popularized in the 60s by Elvis Presley. The style is commonly worn with short sides, with the hair swept upwards and backwards.

  • Hair is usually cut shorter on the sides with a fade leaving the hair anywhere from 3"or longer on top.
  • Dampen the hair with water, then dry it a bit so that the hair isn't dripping wet.
  • Take a bit of the Axe Extreme Hold Gel and work it into your fingertips and apply it to the hair, working it thoroughly through the hair.
  • Use a hair comb and hair blower to lift the front up then I flip it to the back to get a slick back look.

The Curly Messy Look

The "Curly Messy Look"

Curls add texture, dimension and personality to the hair. Wear it down in this casual and effortless style and use product that add definition and prevent hair from frizz.

  • Hair could be anywhere from 2-4" long all around the head.
  • Dampen the hair dry it a bit with a towel while still keeping it wet.
  • Then apply Axe Matte Gel thoroughly through the head reaching the root of the hair to create a messy look.
  • Massage the gel throughout the head even squeezing some areas at times to work the curls.

The Comb Over

The "Comb Over"

This timeless classic look has been a favorite of many men for decades, neatly combing the hair to the side starting from the hair part.

  • This style consist of the hair being shorter on the sides than the top. On this cut the hair can be 2-3.
  • Dampen the hair and dry it so that it's not dripping wet.
  • Take an adequate amount of the Axe Styling Putty and work it through the hair.
  • Take a hair comb and part the hair on the side with the part being visible and straight.
  • Then take the comb and turn the hair to the side. As well as combing the side with the part downwards toward your ear, still keeping the hair part visible.

The Cesar

The "Cesar"

The Caesar haircut is a popular buzz cut and a favorite among many men due to its practical nature. The short length makes it easy to maintain and even easier to style.

  • Hair should be very short and even all around, sort of a military cut (crew cut).
  • Very low maintenance Latino men love this hair style because they can get up and go.
  • This style also accentuates your facial features.
  • Use a little a bit of the Axe Shine Pomade on this look to add shine and moisture to it.