Learn how to help reduce dark spots in your face

Mujer mirando su piel en el espejo

Relieve darks spots with the right moisturizer

The day you’ll meet your future parents in law is near and, of course, you want to make a good impression. Remember what mamá used to say? ‘You never get a second chance at a first impression.’ But what happens if you get some untimely dark spots before the big day? Don’t panic! Fight this skin condition with these tips.

POND’S® Clarant B3

Choose the right moisturizer
It’s possible that when you least expect it, dark spots or blemishes appear on your face. This could be due to sun exposure. But no worries, if the dermatologist says this is the cause, you’ll most likely be advised to wear a sun block with SPF 30 and to avoid sun bathing when UV rays are strong, between 11 am and 4 pm. In the meantime, to help reduce the appearance of dark spots, you can use POND’S® Clarant B3 - Normal to Oily, which is formulated with a complex of Vitamins B3 and C. Your skin will look even toned and radiant.

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