How to Exfoliate in Six Easy Steps

Todo lo que necesitas para exfoliar la piel

Yaaasss Queen! You’ll finally know how to exfoliate your skin so it can start looking fabulous today

Getting soft and spectacularly glowing skin isn’t a magic trick. Knowing how to exfoliate and when to do it is the key to having FAB. U. LOUS skin. We’re sharing six easy steps to exfoliate your face and body correctly that will make you look and feel like a reina.

1. Prepare your skin
Taking this step will help you eliminate dead skin cells and dryness. Start at the bottoms of your feet with a loofah, or dried natural sponge, and rub it all over your body.

2. Apply exfoliator
Take a bath and apply an exfoliator that is specifically for the face, and another one for the body. Take advantage of the steamy water to open up your pores, and easily eliminate any impurities.

3. Give yourself an exfoliating massage
Exfoliate by massaging with your hands, in circular motion, for a few minutes. How to exfoliate for a more intense treatment? Instead of using your hands, use a loofah.

4. Rinse with cold water
To remove the exfoliator, rinse off with cold water, this helps your pores close up quickly.

5. After the bath, dry off gently
After removing the exfoliator, your skin is ready to be cleaned. Use a body wash with a long-lasting fragrance. Caress® Mystique Forever™, with Imperial Iris and amber scents, is ideal thanks to its Fragrance Touch Technology that releases fragrance for up to 12 hours. When you’re done, rinse and pat dry your face and body with a towel. Beauty tip: your skin is most radiant when you don’t have stress and tension building up in your muscles.

6. Hydrate your skin
Reward your skin with a good moisturizer. Try using a cream with natural ingredients to instantly revitalize your skin.

With these steps, your skin will look, feel and smell fabulous. Here are some other tips to achieve splendid skin.