Eight meatless recipes you’ve been looking for

Una de las ocho recetas sin carne

Learn new, delicious and easy ways of preparing vegetarian foods for breakfast, lunch, and dinner

"It may have happened to you… you’re debating whether to try meatless recipe, but you have no idea how to prepare them, so you opt out and go for the usual recipes. That ends today because with these recipes, you’ll be able to give your family flavorful, meatless recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.


The question is: How can you feed your family a complete breakfast without meat? No need to worry because you can give them products like eggs and dairy. So, you can keep Huevos Rancheros with chopped veggies or a Family-Sized Veggie Omelette on the menu. 

As far as no meat recipes go, consider a baked Mushrooms Crepe topped with melted cheese. Always remember to prepare it with Country Crock® Original, made with a blend of delicious oils and no artificial flavors or preservatives. Your family deserves only the best!

Country Crock Original


For a delicious lunch, go with Corn and Jalapeño Soup. Made with a touch of Country Crock® Original with zero trans fats, it will give the soup a creamy texture within 5 minutes. Even without the meat, it’s a hearty dish that will keep your family satisfied until dinner.  
Another family favorite is the Tortilla Española. All you need is one big potato and four eggs and you’ve got enough for four yummy portions.


One of the most practical ways of making a meatless meal is to replace the meat ingredients with veggies and legumes, such as beans. Yes, it’s that easy! For example, take Potato and Poblano Chile Enchiladas, they’re filled with mashed potatoes and grated cheese. It’s a traditional, comforting, and good meal for your family, making it an all-around winner.

Beans are another family favorite. You can make Caribbean White Beans & Squash for a hearty meatless dinner. Add a side of colorful veggies, like Lemon Sautéed Veggies that will not only please the palate but the eyes too.

There’s nothing more to say other than enjoy your meal!