Best hair colors for your skin tone

Chica de cabello castaño oscuro tomando un café

Whether your skin is fair, olive, or tan, find the best hair colors that will look amazing on you

If there’s something that we love as Latinas, it’s to be trendy and look good. And one of our best attributes is our hair, that’s why you love to give it a new look with a different color sometimes. But to find the best hair colors that match your skin tone can be a challenge. Follow these helpful tips next time you color your hair.

Best hair colors for fair skin

This skin tone goes well with chestnut and chocolate shades like light brown and auburn. Colors in colder tones like a sandy color, champagne, or ash blond can also highlight your facial features naturally. Your best tip: say no to dark colors like pitch black or bluish black. The stark contrast will give you a dark look that won’t leave the best impression.

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Best hair dyes for olive skin

Chestnut and reddish hues are always in style and match this skin tone perfectly. If you have light-colored eyes, you can make them pop even more with an auburn color; the contrast will look amazing! Now, if your eyes are brown, a reddish or caramel brown will seem natural and will match your skin tone perfectly.

Best hair colors for tan skin

Your best choice is to pick a lighter hair color than your skin tone in the chestnut range. And if you want to play with color even more, try a balayage or traditional highlights in a reddish tone or two shades lighter than your natural hair color. Why? It’ll help brighten up your face. When you look good, you feel good!