Beauty secrets to get you out of a bind any time

Trucos de belleza prácticos

When a beauty emergency happens, these beauty secrets can save the day 

It’s happened to all of us. You’re running around getting ready for a big event and at the worst possible moment, you spot a run in your stockings or you stain your outfit. What do you do? Take a deep breath and relax, because you’ve got this. With these beauty secrets you’ll have the solution to almost any beauty emergency.

Your hemline needs mending… Not a problem! Keep fastening tape or double sided adhesive tape at hand for a quick and discreet fix. They’ll come in handy for just about any mishap and most importantly, no one will notice.  

You’re overdue on your roots touch up… Do this. Even though balayage is in these days, having your roots a different color from the rest of your hair is not. Just hide them with a classic high pony tail. You’ll disguise your roots and look casually chic.  

Dove® Invisible Solids Powder

Uh-oh, your zipper got stuck, don’t panic! Simply rub any bar soap on the zipper to help it slide more easily. Trust us, it works!

Kiss the stains on your clothes goodbye. A mix of salt and sparkling water will help take out the stain, as salt absorbs grease and oils. Another option is to carry a stain remover pen in your purse. Both beauty secrets will help save a ruined outfit any day. 

Put a stop to the runs and holes in your stockings. One of the most effective and easiest beauty secrets is to always have a clear nail polish at hand. Simply apply a bit of polish on the ends of the holes where the stocking is running to make it stop.    

And lastly, prevention is key… always. Don’t get caught by surprise by different beauty emergencies, prepare yourself with a kit that includes: travel-sized (1.75 oz) POND’S® Rejuveness anti-wrinkle cream to moisturize your skin when needed; Dove® Invisible Solid Powder deodorant for 24-hour odor and wetness protection; pain relief medication; feminine pads; and mints. That’s all you need to fight beauty mishaps! 

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