This allergy season, don’t let the symptoms wipe off your smile

Mujer sintiendo los síntomas de alergia

Give your face and skin the necessary care and kiss allergy season and its symptoms goodbye

Finally, spring has sprung and we love it! However, it sometimes comes with an unwelcome guest: allergy season and its symptoms like irritation, dryness, and swelling that leave traces on your face and skin. To help control those symptoms, put these tips into action… you’re welcome!

Reduce eye irritation

If there’s something annoying about allergy season, it’s irritated and teary eyes. To relieve these symptoms, here’s the solution:

• Latinas love home remedies, and this one works! Apply cold tea bags or cucumber wedges on your eyes twice a day for a few minutes. This will reduce the tearing and swelling.
• Try not wearing makeup on your eyes. Mascara, eye shadow, and eyeliner could worsen the symptoms during allergy season.
• Stay clear of dark circles by sleeping 8 hours and drinking at least 8 cups of water a day. This will help your skin stay naturally hydrated and oxygenated. And to moisturize your skin on the outside, shower with Dove® White Beauty Bar , the #1 dermatologist recommended product. Remember abuela’s advice, sometimes the best solutions are the simple ones.

Dove® White Beauty Bar

Eliminate dryness in the lips and nose
During allergy season, you notice it instantly on your mouth and nose. But don’t worry, these symptoms also have remedies.

• Blow your nose with cold water when you have irritation and feel a constant drip. Try not to use tissue paper because the contact with your skin might dry it off. Hydrate the areas around your nose with a moisturizer like POND'S® Crema S .
• There’s nothing better for dry lips than hydrating them by drinking lots of water or eating fruits with a high water content, such as watermelon. A plus: wear a lip balm daily to prevent scaling.

Protect your skin’s smoothness
The best thing you can do to keep allergy season symptoms from drying your precious skin, is to give it the protection it needs: 

• Wash your face with fresh water and apply a moisturizer afterwards to keep your skin hydrated. Try staying away from hot water, as it might dry out your skin. Check out the  POND’S® facial moisturizers line and pick the right one for your skin.    
• To fight skin dryness better than with regular soap, shower with Dove® White Beauty Bar , the #1 dermatologist recommended bar. It keeps your body clean and helps maintain skin’s natural moisturize. Remember: don’t use sponges or exfoliating products that may cause scaling of the skin.