Homemade recipes that will take you back in time

Madre e hija cocinando juntas

Prepare these homemade recipes that have your mom’s nostalgic flavor

Reinventing yourself in the kitchen and trying new dishes is your thing. However, you have to admit that no matter how much you love playing with different flavors in the kitchen, your mom’s homemade recipes never go out of style. That’s why you should check out our homemade recipes so you can start thinking which one you want to try first when you’re craving something homemade with mom’s flavor.

The classics
We’re talking about those typical homemade recipes from your mom’s country of origin. The one’s she would make to remember her roots and share with you her memories. What’s not to like when they have your people’s flavor?
Potato and Chile Poblano Enchiladas : once you start mixing the ingredients, you’ll remember all the cooking tips she gave you: “prepare the chiles early so they won’t slow you down when you’re cooking.” Just to mention one.
Fast Chipotle Chilaquiles : How many mornings was this classic served on the table? Tortillas fried with Country Crock® Spread make all the difference. Take note for when you make chilaquiles.
Cuban Style Rice and Beans : maybe she called it Moors and Christians or rice and habichuelas, but the much-loved exquisite flavor is the same.

Country Crock Original

The comforting favorites
You felt good at the first bite. Here are the homemade recipes she’d prepare to treat you.
Ham Crepes : just by the recipe name, your eyes shine and mouth starts to water. And with melted cheese, even better!  
Creamy Chorizo and Queso Fresco Mashed Potatoes : a comfort food by definition. Super creamy thanks to Country Crock® Spread . How many times did you ask for two servings?  
Macaroni and Cheese with Chicken and Vegetables : your mom’s version of the classic mac & cheese, but heartier. She would add chicken and veggies, and it was delicious!

Sweet temptation
A sweet treat was always welcomed. No matter how much you had eaten, there was always space for dessert.
Arroz con Leche : everyone has their version of this dessert, but your mom’s was definitely your favorite.
Peanut Butter and Oatmeal Cookies : all your neighborhood friends would wait for the day that your mom prepared these homemade cookies. 
Apple and Cranberry Crisp : placed at the center of the table and with spoons for everyone, this dessert would run out in minutes!