Halloween Recipes For A Deliciously Creepy Celebration

Recetas de Halloween deliciosas

3 creative dishes that will make your kids’ Halloween delicious and fun

Kids absolutely love Halloween. It’s an exciting day filled with costumes, pumpkins, scary decorations and, of course, candy! But before it’s time to go trick-or-treating you can make their day even more fun and tasty with these spooky Halloween recipes.

Halloween Chicken Fingers: Delight your kids with these creepy monster fingers made out of chicken. In just 12 minutes your chicken tenders will have the texture and flavor you can only get from Country Crock® Spread. When you serve them, arrange the fingers to look like a hand, adding almonds at the tip to look like fingernails. Yikes!

Pizza Python: A pizza recipe like this is more delightful than frightful. Use zucchini slices and black olives for the eyes, scallions for the eyebrows, and a long, thin slice of carrot for the tongue.

Mummy Cookies: To add a bit of sweetness to your family’s Halloween celebration, make these cookies shaped like mummies. Use them as a topping on a serving of Breyers® Vanilla ice cream for the perfect dessert.

With these creepy Halloween recipes, you’ll create quite a memorable and entertaining dinner experience for your kids. Boo-on appetit!