Latin American-style recipes for Christmas dinner

Cena de Navidad al estilo latino

From Mexico to Argentina, get to know the wide range of Christmas recipes and customs

No matter where we come from, all Latino families have something in common: we’re a very close bunch. And one of the moments when it’s most visible is during Christmas dinner. But just as we have things in common, we also have our cultural differences. We may all celebrate Christmas Eve, but we all do it in different ways and with diverse dishes. Who knows, maybe after learning the following customs you’ll be celebrating el 24 with new traditions.


The celebrations start off on December 16th with the Posadas, a series of Christmas parties where everyone enjoys traditional Mexican Christmas recipes with friends. These include classics like, Christmas punch, Chorizo and Bean Tamales made with Knorr® Chicken Flavor Bouillon , and creamy mashed potatoes made with Country Crock® Original . With these Christmas dishes on deck, you’ll secure an invite to the Posadas every year.

Country Crock Original

Puerto Rico

People like to party in the Island of Enchantment. Case in point: Christmas celebrations start the next day right after Thanksgiving and run until January 15th. For a holiday full of Puerto Rican flavor, typical Christmas recipes are a must. No party is complete without Rice with Pigeon Peas , where you sauté ham and other ingredients with Country Crock® Original for great flavor. And don’t forget the drinks! For those of age, you must have coquito, a drink made with coconut milk. For the kids and non-alcohol drinkers, your go-to drink is the tropical Caribbean Tea Punch . Finish it off with a yummy Arroz con Leche and you’re all set.


Festivities begin on December 7th with the lighting of the city. Colombians start their holiday by going to midnight mass on Christmas Eve and then back home for dinner. Among the traditional Christmas recipes that get the celebration going you’ll find a chicken soup called Ajiaco , fritters, roasted pork, the famous Arepas , and custard.


The tradition is to gather the whole family at home and at midnight, after dinner, make a toast and open presents by the tree. Food-wise, the classic menu isn’t so classic without meats, such as Adobo Pork Chops along with a good chimichurri sauce. Or Chicken Breasts filled with Orange and Rosemary with a hint of Hellmann’s® Real Mayonnaise. Two easy-to-prepare meat recipes that are simply de-li-cious.