A Latin style brunch with good food and home country flavors recipe

Familia disfrutando recetas para el brunch

This American tradition with a Latino twist will make your family Sunday recipe extra special

Although brunch is a popular Sunday tradition in the U.S., we’ve made it our own by adapting it to our Latin culture and tastes. So next Sunday morning invite your family over to enjoy good food full of Latin flavor. These Brunch recipes will help you build a brunch that combines traditional breakfast and lunch dishes.

Appetizers. Spicy Chicken Empanadas have the Latin seal of approval and are a great way to kick-off your brunch. Plus, the jalapeño peppers in the filling give them just the right amount of heat. Another great starter option is turning your basic ham and eggs into Huevos Motuleños. The combination of black beans, onions, plus the taste of Country Crock® Spread will wake up everyone’s appetite.

Main course. After those delicious starters, your family will be anxiously waiting for the main course. Pick tasty food that’s easy to make so you won’t spend all day in the kitchen. Like Ají de Gallina and mouth-watering Latin-Style Street Vendor Corn on the Cob with an irresistible touch of Hellmann's® or Best Foods® Real Mayonnaise.

A sweet finish. No brunch recipe is complete without something sweet. Make a dessert that guests of all ages can enjoy, like Blooming Ice Pop Parfaits. It’s a fun treat made with the delicious flavor of Breyers® Ice Cream and Popsicle® Scribblers®.

Use these brunch recipes to create an unforgettable Latin-style brunch so you can enjoy delicious food that tastes like home.