Easy and delicious recipes to kick off the year

Easy and delicious recipes to kick off the year

After the holidays, get back to your routine with these easy and delicious recipes

January 1st… back to reality. The holidays are over, the Christmas leftovers are gone, and it’s time to start cooking daily again. But this year, you’re sticking to your resolution: prepare easy and delicious recipes for your family all week. To help you stick to your resolution, turn to these handy recipes. 

Time-saving recipes

Nothing says easy and delicious recipes like a tasty Chipotle Chicken Pizza. All it takes is a mere 15 minutes and you’ll have a family favorite. On the other hand, for a complete and fast meal try Chicken Parmesan. It will take you a little longer at 33 minutes, but it only needs six ingredients you already have in your pantry, like Hellmann’s® Mayonnaise, which you can’t go wrong with.   
Breyers® Natural Vanilla

Classic and easy recipes

If you’re craving something more nostalgic, say no more. Mom’s good ol’ fashioned Arroz con Pollo is the answer. It’s not only an easy-to-make recipe, but it’s also budget-friendly and has a variety of ingredients. You, your wallet, and family will be delighted. It’s an all-around winner! 

Sweet and simple recipes

As a mom, you more than anyone know what the kids want at the end of a meal: dessert. But do not worry, for you don’t have to knead and bake for hours. For easy and delicious recipes, having Breyers® Vanilla ice cream is a life-saver. With it you can make instant Parfaits Pops. Or if you’re more practical, a scoop of Breyers® Natural Vanilla ice cream straight out of the freezer works. Either way, you’ll see smiling faces all around your kitchen table.Primero de enero… se acabaron las fiestas y vuelves a la rutina de cocinar diario. Pero este año tu meta es clara: hacer recetas fáciles y ricas para tu familia toda la semana. Para ayudarte a que cumplas con tu meta, solo nos queda dejarte estas recetas.