Challenge: How to cook chicken without boring your family

Challenge: How to cook chicken without boring your family

We give you 3 creative ideas on how to cook chicken in different and delicious ways

You’ve surely heard it before: “Chicken again, mom?” Meanwhile, your recipe bank on how to cook chicken is running out. Fortunately, here are three new ideas to cash into your recipe bank and get your kids excited about eating flavorful chicken recipes again.

Change the presentation
Sometimes it’s not a matter of how to cook chicken, but of changing the presentation. For example, serve the chicken in skewers. Its super easy to do, plus eating chicken in giant sticks is fun for the kids (and even the adults). A few Mexican Style Grilled Chicken Skewers seasoned with Knorr® Garlic MiniCubes will cheer up the senses. Another yummy option is Cilantro and Lemon Grilled Chicken Skewers.

Mini Cubos de Ajo de Knorr®

Give it an international twist
Add an International touch to your chicken recipes. For instance, give chicken and rice an American spin by making it buffalo style. You can also take an already known international dish that includes your superstar ingredient and make Chipotle Chicken Pizza. It’s delicious if made with Knorr® MiniCubes.

Make it informal
Forget about cutlery. Don’t underestimate the power of eating with your hands. Prepare Milanesa Chicken Fingers or Chile and Cilantro Flavored Chicken Wings made with Knorr® Chicken Bouillon. You’ll have everyone licking their fingers and asking for more.  

Now that you have these ideas on how to cook chicken, check out these other delicious and easy to make chicken recipes.