Quick Breakfast Ideas To Start The Day Off On The Right Foot

Recetas Fáciles y Rápidas para el Desayuno

3 recipe options for a quick breakfast: complete, traditional and sweet

You don’t have to spend hours in the kitchen to enjoy breakfast. In fact, you can whip up a variety of delicious quick breakfast recipes every day. We’ve got three options for you to try, that will inspire you to get started as early as tomorrow.

1. A quick and complete breakfast
Let’s focus on ingredients that are energizing and good for your family. A bowl of sugar-free cereal topped with strawberries and granola is one quick breakfast that will leave everyone satisfied through lunch.
Another quick breakfast idea for toast lovers is to spread a bit of Country Crock® Original or peanut butter on whole wheat bread. Pair it with seasonal fruits.

2. A quick traditional breakfast
Surprise your family with scrambled eggs made with tomato, onion and our traditional jalapenos. Pair with fresh Pico de Gallo featuring a touch of Knorr® Chicken flavor Bouillon. This super quick breakfast is a little bit spicy and super Latino, but definitely gets your day started with plenty of energy. Looking for an equally tasty plan B? Make Baked Havana-Style Eggs, a dish made with vegetable, queso fresco and a dollop of Country Crock® Spread. Add some steaming hot tortillas to complete this quick breakfast.

3. A quick breakfast that’s a little sweet
Homemade On-the-Go Bars made with Country Crock® Spread are always a delight. Have these with a glass of milk or with plain yogurt. The kids in your house will absolutely love this quick breakfast; it’s delicious and just begs to be eaten.

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