Balance diet: 5 tips to follow after the holidays

Tips para comer balanceado

A balance diet is essential to take care of your body all year long

We know that the holiday season is all about getting together with friends and family, having a good time and eating delicious foods (not to mention those irresistible desserts). But when January arrives, it’s time to focus on a popular New Year’s resolution: keeping a balance diet. Use these tips as a helpful guide.

Eat fiber. Foods that are high in fiber have a positive effect on your body. A simple way to add fiber as part of a balance diet is to eat fruits and vegetables daily. Try making Roasted Cauliflower and give it a pop of flavor by adding Country Crock® Spread.

Hydrate. Water is also an important part of a wholesome diet, that’s why drinking at least 8 glasses or 2 liters of water a day will help keep your body and your skin well hydrated. 

Pick smart snacks. If you like to snack between meals, make sure you’re choosing a smart option that provides your body with beneficial nutrients like fiber and/or good fats such as omega-3 ALA.  Enjoy a piece of fruit like an apple or banana with a small handful of nuts (1 oz) to help hold you over until your next meal. Plus, it’s easy to keep an apple or a small bag of sliced fruit or nuts in your purse.

Eat breakfast, lunch and dinner. Having three meals a day will help keep you satisfied and nourished. Just make sure you remember to eat moderate portions, enough to keep you satisfied but not overly full. Over-eating could cause some indigestion issues.

Eat a balanced diet. Make sure your meals include grains, protein, vegetables and fruits. Try this delicious Cod with Lemon-Herb Crust made with Hellmann’s® or Best Foods® Canola Cholesterol Free Mayonnaise and paired it with a fresh salad or veggies. This is a sure way to keep a balanced, balance diet.