6 recipes with eggs for breakfast, lunch, and dinner

Recetas con huevo para cada ocasión

From morning to evening, show off your skills with these recipes with eggs 

If we were to list all the recipes with eggs we’d never end. Because even if we typically reserve it for breakfast dishes, eggs are a very versatile food. That’s why starting today we encourage you to expand your culinary choices and learn these six recipes with eggs that you can enjoy for breakfast, obviously, but also lunch and dinner. Take note. 

Give the classic eggs and ham recipe a touch of vegetables with Spinach and Mushroom Scrambled Eggs. Make it the yummiest it can be with Country Crock® Original, which has no artificial preservatives and zero trans fats per serving. 
Nothing is more inviting than a plate full of colorful vegetables. Gather everyone at the table to share a Family-Sized Veggie Omelet.

Country Crock Original

Combine French and Mexican flavors and over-easy eggs with a Mexican Style Croque Madam Sandwich. Be sure to add a touch of Country Crock® Original and a pinch of salt to delight your family. They’ll want this recipe on the weekly menu! 
Among recipes with eggs, there’s hardly anything more filling than a Spanish Tortilla. Made with eggs and potatoes, this dish is ideal for lunch given it’s easy to prepare, different, and very delicious. 

Treat your family to a Cuban experience and prepare Havana-Style Baked Eggs. Make sure to sprinkle fresh cheese to enhance the flavor. 
No need to call anyone into the kitchen when dinner’s ready, for this dish will do that for you. All it takes is the aroma of an Egg and Veggies Casserole to lure everyone in. This dish has mixed veggies, cheese, and eggs, of course. Serve it hot and enjoy a different and tasty meal.