Thanksgiving dinner with Latino flair

Thanksgiving dinner with Latino flavor

Give your Thanksgiving dinner that zest from back home

If there’s a party, you know Latinos are there. To celebrate our traditional holidays, including those from the US, you can always count on us to put our signature twist to the occasion. Thanksgiving dinner is one of the US holidays we’ve adopted since it celebrates everything we hold dear: delicious food, family, and time to relax. It’s so big and important, that you already might be planning what recipes to make for Thanksgiving day. Here are a few ideas that are ideal for the occasion.

Mouth-watering appetizers

Before Thanksgiving dinner, serve up these appetizers:
  • Queso Fundido : Fast and hassle free! The savory combination of veggies and melted cheese plus the Latino flavor from Knorr® Chicken Flavor Bouillon will make this appetizer irresistible.
  • Jamaican Beef Empanadas : If you’re Latino, empanadas are a must. With the mix of veggies, meat, and a bit of Knorr® Beef Flavor Bouillon, your guests will get a little taste of the Caribbean in every bite.

Country Crock Original

Show-stealing side dishes

The main act at Thanksgiving dinner is always the turkey, but these yummy side dishes will surely give it a run for its money:
End Thanksgiving on a high note with these desserts

Try these easy dessert recipes that everyone loves:
  • Strawberry Tamales : If the fight for the last savory tamale at home is fierce, wait until they taste sweet tamales. Made with Country Crock® Spread , everyone will fall head-over-heels for this dish rich in Mexican flavor.
  • Arroz con Leche : You can’t get a more Latino dessert than this one! It’s a great example of how dessert recipes don’t have to be complicated to be tasty. The combination of rice, milk, cinnamon, and other ingredients, plus a touch of Country Crock® with Calcium and Vitamin D wins every time.
Now that your Thanksgiving dinner menu is complete, you have more than enough time to take care of the little details that will make your evening perfect and memorable.