Fast and simple recipes that will make your dinner table shine this holiday season

Mesa festiva lista para disfrutar

With these fast and simple recipes you’ll be a star in the kitchen with little effort

It’s almost time for the much-awaited celebration at home and surely you’ve thought about everything, up to the last detail, so it can be perfect. One of the things that will take up most of your time is cooking all those dishes with sabor Latino that your family and friends love. And since you’re supposed to enjoy the experience as well, we’re helping you out with fast and simple recipes that you can prepare ahead of time, y listo!

Instant appetizers
For the first course, serve a Pumpkin Soup, which is one of our fast and simple recipes. You can make it the night before so all you have to do is reheat and serve the moment your guests arrive.

Breyers® Homemade Vanilla

Main course in minutes
¡Qué rico! ” Is what you’ll hear at your dinner table after everyone smells the aroma from the Stuffed Steak in its Juices while it’s cooking.  While it can take more than an hour to cook, you’ll only need 15 minutes to prepare it. And while this cooks, you can go ahead and work on the Christmas Style Sweet Potatoes that you can also reheat later when serving the steak. And if you have leftovers, like we Latinas often do, watch this video to get ideas on what to prepare with them.

Dessert ready in seconds  
If we’re talking about fast and delicious desserts, the winner is hands down a cup of ice cream. Serve a portion of Breyers® Natural Vanilla and garnish it with a dash of strawberry or chocolate syrup and pair it with a cookie. You’ll end the evening on a high note.

Now that you have a few ideas to prepare a holiday dinner with these fast and simple recipes, you can enjoy the celebrations with your guests. Your friends will be so delighted to see you become the best host. Win-win!