Life Advice Your Daughter will Never Forget

Madre e hija abrazadas

Help boost her self-esteem and love her Latin roots even more

To her, sometimes you’re mom, sometimes you’re mamá. Whatever she calls you, you are, and always will be, the one that gives her priceless life advice. Of course, your goal is always the same: to see her happy. And one of the best ways to guide her to happiness is to boost her self-esteem and to teach her to take pride in her Latin roots and culture. The following ideas from Dove® can inspire you to know how to build her self-esteem and help her become a great Latin woman.

Girl Talk about ambitions
A mother-daughter date at the beauty salon is a good time to initiate girl talk. Ask her what she’d like to do with her life and talk to her about some of your goals and achievements. Show her that having different roots is something to be proud of. You have the best of both worlds because you’ve been able to maintain your culture and assimilate the customs of this country.

The family superheroes
Invite grandmothers, aunts and cousins to spend a day together and give everyone a turn to share precious memories. You can also talk about beauty secrets to help your daughter augment her already beautiful Latina features. Share unique beauty advice, like how Dove® Quench Absolute Shampoo is ideal for getting curly hair to feel soft and silky. She will feel good about her heritage and gain self-esteem as both her physical and emotional identity are strengthened.

Beautiful in every way
Talk to your daughter about Latin women that you admire and find beautiful. It’s OK to talk about typical Latin physical features, like our beautiful hair or our curves. But also discuss achievements and what it takes for a woman to be successful. This will help your daughter like herself inside and out, and it will help her understand that the qualities of a person are just as – or even more – important than their appearance.

Feminine inspiration
Look to social media and follow Latina women who are excelling in their professions. Your daughter will feel proud of her culture and will have confidence in herself to achieve success.

Calendar of support
Make a calendar with your daughter that includes important family dates. You can share an online calendar or make one that can be hung up in the house. Include holidays, birthdays and other important family events. When she sees it, she’ll be reminded of all the wonderful people she has in her life, and who she can always count on, even if they live in another country.

Learn from her
Give your daughter the opportunity to teach you something new. For example, she can show you her latest favorite app, explain the plot of her favorite book in Spanish, or teach you a Rock En Español song. This will make her feel capable, and it will boost her self-esteem, plus you’ll be sharing part of the Latin culture.