How to have an UN.FOR.GET.TA.BLE dinner with friends

Amigos cocinando juntos

4 things that will make your dinner with friends even more fun

When you host a dinner with friends, you’re the orchestra director. And as a director you know that without the orchestra you can’t do a thing. That’s why you need to look out for things you can plan ahead of time that will make hanging out with friends feel casual and fun. Change things up in your next dinner and you’ll see how it’ll go from a fun party to an unforgettable one.

Everyone cooks
Nothing breaks the ice when having dinner with friends like socializing in the kitchen. When your guests arrive, leave out the dinner table protocols like having everyone sit down like statues. Lead your guests into the kitchen and everyone can prepare the appetizers or first dish together. Chopping and mixing ingredients makes conversation flow naturally and even intimately.

Fruttare® de Mango

Keep the drinks flowing
Place the drinks in a separate table from the main one. This will make guests circle from one place to another and keep the conversation flowing instead of sitting down in the same spot the whole time. Break with formalities like receiving guests with a drink and opt for something different like Mango Fruttare® . Who says you can’t give popsicles to adults?

Go down memory lane
Keep items that make you reminisce about your friendship close. A music album, a college textbook you all had to read, or pictures of everyone. Anything that will make you relive moments spent together to get a good conversation going.

Change the setting
Instead of hosting a dinner with friends indoors, change it to a picnic in the backyard, even if it’s at night. Staying away from dinner formalities will surprise everyone and keep things interesting.