6 makeup tips only beauty experts know

Tips de maquillaje para verte fabulosa siempre

These makeup tips will help you look fabulous every single day

Like many Latinas, you love wearing makeup and looking fabulous at all times. And though your makeup skills may be as good as a professional’s, sometimes even experts can use a few tips to improve their skills. We’ve got six makeup tips that will take your makeup to a whole new level.

1. Get an even-looking skin tone: the first step to achieving porcelain skin is applying a cream like POND’S® Clarant B3 that moisturizes and helps reduce the appearance of dark spots in 4 weeks. When your skin is moisturized it helps set your foundation, making it look more natural. Choose a foundation color that matches your skin tone and use a damp sponge to blend – first around your nose and cheeks, then out to the rest of your face until it looks even.

2. Conceal under-eye bags: the key to reducing the dark circles under your eyes is to choose the right shade of under-eye concealer. Look for one that’s a little bit lighter than your skin tone. Once you find the right shade, apply and blend from one corner of your eye to the other until it looks even and covers the entire area.

3. Make your eyes look bigger: the secret to the most-darling eyes is to make your eyelashes look longer. Carefully use an eyelash curler, then apply your favorite mascara. This extends the lashes, and opens up the eye. When applying eyeliner, use a shade of black only on the upper lids to make your eyes stand out even more.

4. Make your cheeks look thinner: when it comes to makeup tips, this one is essential. If the foundation you use is a little bit darker than your skin color, use a blush that has coral or peach tones to create a contrast. Apply it starting at the center of your cheek, moving toward the top. This makeup trick will help accentuate your cheeks.

5 Contour your nose: if you want your nose to look smaller, apply a foundation that’s darker than your skin tone to both sides of your nose. Blend it with a brush or a sponge until it looks natural.

6. Get sensual lips: to give your lips more volume and make them stand out, define their shape with a liner that’s the same color as your lips. Then fill them in with your favorite lipstick using a lip brush to make the color last longer.

Now that you know these makeup tips, we’ll leave you with one skincare tip: remove your makeup daily with POND’S Cold Cream Cleanser. This cleansing cream is 50 percent moisturizer, so it cleans your skin and leaves it soft and radiant.