Haircuts with bangs to pamper your hair!

Mujer latina llevando uno de sus favoritos cortes de flequillo

Choose a haircut with bangs that goes with your hair type

Beautiful, authentic, and Latina, that’s just who you are. You know you have flawless hair and love taking care of it so you can flaunt it everywhere you go. But other than taking care of it daily with the Dove® Intensive Repair Shampoo and Conditioner line, you can give it a new look with these haircuts with bangs. Are you up for it?

Haircuts with bangs for fine and thick hair
Fine hair: what looks best on you is a haircut with straight bangs that’s on par with your hair’s natural fall. This might also help give your fine hair more volume, which is favorable.
Thick hair: a haircut with voluminous bangs is ideal for you. It can be a straight or layered cut; it’ll depend on whether you prefer a classic or modern look.     

Dove® Daily Moisture Shampoo

Haircuts with bangs for dry and oily hair
Dry hair: in this case, it’s best to have side bangs that are a bit long to disguise the dryness. You can moisturize your hair using Dove® Daily Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner .
Oily hair: side bangs may also work for you so that your hair doesn’t touch your forehead, preventing contact with the skin and making it even oilier. To help absorb oil, you can use Dove® Refresh+Care Invigorating Dry Shampoo .

Haircuts with bangs for straight and curly hair
Straight hair: this is an easy to manage hair type and any style you like will work just fine. With or without layers, long or short; it all depends on your face shape and what looks best. Your hairstylist can recommend the best look for you.
Curly and wavy hair: those waves will look gorgeous with side bangs that are not too short and have a bit of volume. They’ll highlight your hair’s natural fall and match the rest of it. Remember to give your waves style with Dove® Style+Care Nourishing Amplifier Mousse . If your hair is curly, your best bet is to avoid bangs. Use Dove® Quench Absolute Shampoo and Conditioner for soft, touchable, beautiful-looking curls, just how you like them.