Take your exercise routine to new heights starting today

Mujer Latina siguiendo una rutina de ejercicios

Find out how to prep your body before, during, and after your exercise routine

Latinas love looking great 24/7. And for this, an ongoing exercise routine is crucial to help us stay in shape. The essential? Working out correctly from start to finish no matter the frequency. Just follow this guide to prep your body and avoid injuries. Let’s go!

Warm up before working out

Before starting your exercise routine, apply a deodorant that will help fight odor and wetness when your body’s in movement. Choose one like Degree® Fresh Energy Dry Spray, which has MOTIONSENSE technology that activates with movement. Now you’re set to start warming up, which helps you protect your leg and arm muscles from possible injuries.

• Do leg and arm stretching exercises for 30 seconds.
• Walk slowly for 5 minutes to tone your body and build up your heart rate.

Degree® Fresh Energy Dry Spray

Keep your heart rate stable

It’s important to set time intervals between exercises so that the impact on your body is less.

• Start your day with a low impact cardio exercise routine. Instead of jogging, walk fast for 5 minutes and then slowly for 2. Repeat this 4 times.
• Improve your heart rate by increasing your workout time each week. You’ll notice how your resistance will increase little by little.

Allow your body to come down to its normal temperature and heart rate

Once you’re done with your workout, it’s important to let your body and muscles cool down slowly.

• Don’t immediately stop exercising. If you’re running, decrease your pace slowly for 10 minutes to level your breath and heart rate.
• Repeat the initial stretching exercises for 30 seconds so your muscles will completely relax. And remember to drink water to stay hydrated and recover the fluids you lost during your exercise routine.